Innovating and Integrating Structural Biology Solutions to Accelerate Research

Structural Biology Services at HWI provides researchers with the tools and expertise to solve even the most challenging protein structures.

About Us

The Hauptman-Woodward Research Institute (HWI) is an internationally recognized leader in structural biology, serving industry, academia, government, and non-profit research institutes with expert structural biology solutions.

HWI uniquely provides structural biology solutions using state-of-the-art instrumentation and scientific expertise in crystallization, X-ray data collection, and cryo-electron microscopy.

Whatever level of service you require, HWI can help. Whether you need data capture and delivery, complete data analysis and structural determination, or something in-between.

We will guide you through the process providing expertise and advice, so you get the best possible results.



We are experts and innovators in the field of structural biology. Our team’s scientific expertise, professionalism, and excellent track record of confidentiality make us a trustworthy partner for your structure-based research projects.


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