Why Choose Structural Biology Services at HWI

HWI provides tailored expertise and advice from the simplest projects to the most complex. With decades of expertise in structural biology and our commitment to advancing the field, HWI is uniquely positioned to deliver scientific insights that enable researchers to understand diseases better. Whether you are new to structural biology or an expert in the field, we can provide solutions to fit your needs.


Get access to multiple structure-determination techniques with one call. 

We address challenging samples with an approach that utilizes the latest technologies and methodologies needed to drive discovery.


HWI is an independent non-profit research institute founded in 1956 with a reputation for professionalism and safeguarding proprietary data. We have worked with industry for over two decades and understand the needs and expectations.


Our service is consultative and collaborative. 

We routinely use all the techniques we offer and are experts in the strengths and weaknesses of each. Our team is integrated and can offer the most effective solutions for your structural needs.


You can be assured that our service, and any data we generate for you, will be completely confidential. 

As an independent organization, intellectual property is well protected. Serving the industry for over 20 years, there has never been any disclosure of proprietary projects or results by HWI. Our commitment to your project confidentiality is of utmost importance.


The service you receive are tailored to your individual needs.

We understand that science is complex and dynamic. We strive to provide solutions that fit your scientific goals rather than ones that fit a rigid service offering structure.


Removing barriers with our accessible services.

Access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and expertise can come at a premium, and with long wait times, that can delay scientific discoveries. HWI prides itself in providing reliable access to structural biology services.