Crystallization Services

The HWI Crystallization Center receives NIH NIGMS funding to be a National Resource for crystallography. Our methods have generated lead crystallization conditions for approximately half of all samples submitted and provided solubility phase information across 1,536 different chemical conditions–information that can guide optimization and troubleshoot recalcitrant systems.

Macromolecular crystallization services at HWI enable experiments monitored with state-of-the-art imaging techniques, empowering the detection of crystals that other techniques miss.

We support academic, government, and non-profit research institutes and proprietary users, providing unique protein crystallization services for structural biology.

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The National High-throughput Crystallization Center has paved the way with a comprehensive approach to elucidating protein structures for many researchers.

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• Rock Imager 1000 with SONICC
• Liquid handling robotics
• Dropsetters
• Crystal incubators

NIH support (R24GM141256) subsidizes our academic, government, and non-profit services.